Your business secrets

Prose is an app for all of your team chats, calls & files.

All of your workplace communication lives here.

  • End-to-End EncryptedConfidently discuss private business with military-grade encryption.
  • Self-Hosted or CloudHost Prose on your premises, or use our cloud service. You choose.
  • Messages, Calls and FilesA native lightweight app for all your communication. Mobile & Desktop.
Find out how Prose works

A single app, where all your
workspace magic happens.

Message other team members in private conversations, or groups.

Powered by the  XMPP protocol standard.

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Message your team with Prose

Here are the things that make Prose
special versus others.

Gorgeously-native app.

Easy on the battery. And your eyes.

Paranoid secrecy.

All messages
are end-to-end

at its heart.

Prose is built in public.
Its code is fully auditable.


Powered by the
XMPP protocol.

Every little thing, that makes your
workspace more fun & productive.

Encrypt everything!

All messages are end-to-end encrypted, even the chat history stored on the server.

Share image & files

Send images to your co-workers. Transfer large files without limits.

Unlimited chat history

Go back in time. Your past chats are stored on your Prose server, and encrypted at rest.

Connect integrations

Want to plug your other apps to Prose? Install community-made integrations.

Powerful search

Quickly find anything you said, any file you sent, or anyone in your team.

Audio & Video calls

Organize one-to-one or large team-wide video calls, with screen-sharing.

Host a Prose server yourself for free,
or let us handle this for you.

Install a Prose server on your company’s premises for free.

If you are not technical, we can provide you with a one-click Prose server, hosted on our platform.

Easily migrate your data later between one and the other.

$# docker pull prose-im/prose-pod

Your chat data. On your own domain.
All encrypted. You own it.

Nowadays, all modern messaging services store all their user messages in a huge database, in the clear.

Not only is the data centralized in a single geographic location, but those services are also more prone to wide-scale outages, should something go wrong with the servers.

With Prose, you host the server, on your terms.

Your Prose server

Get started with Prose for free

Join a growing decentralized messaging network of 100M+ users.

Create your server in a few clicks. Invite your team in no more.