A New Dawn in Team Messaging

Prose is a distributed, open-source, and native
platform for workplace communication.

Powered by  XMPP

Safe. Fast.


Speak freely
with world-class encryption


Most performant
experience on the market

Open source

Inspect, audit
and contribute to the codebase

Prose makes
teamwork easy

Encrypt everything

All messages, including your chat history, are end-to-end encrypted.

Share image & files

Send images to your co-workers. Transfer large files without limits.

Unlimited chat history

Your past chats are stored and encrypted on your Prose server.

Connect integrations

Want to plug your other apps to Prose? Install community-made integrations.

Powerful search

Quickly find anything you said, any file you sent, or anyone in your team.

Audio & Video calls

Organize one-to-one or large team-wide video calls, with screen-sharing.

Up and running
in 2 minutes

We host it for you

We provide a one-click server hosted on our platform.

You host it for free

Install a Prose server on your company’s premises for free.

Join the waitlist

Available soon on all major devices.