We are a small team with a big passion

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We are a team of passionate developers who are creating a workspace communication app that is simple, fun, and easy to use.

Our app allows users to communicate with each other in a variety of ways, including text, audio, and video. We are committed to creating an app that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or device.

We believe that communication should be easy and convenient, which is why we are constantly improving our app to make it the best it can be. Our goal is to make sure that our app is the go-to choice for anyone who wants to chat with their friends, family, or colleagues. Thank you for considering our app!

Meet the Team

  • Valerian Saliou

    Web Platform Developer

  • Marc Bauer

    Apple Platform Developer

  • Guillaume Robert

    Website Developer

  • Saif Hafiani

    Designer & Brand

  • Rémi Bardon

    Pod Server Developer

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